Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero

For some people, the idea of ZERO emails waiting for them… is bliss.

In fact, there’s a whole movement called Inbox Zero. Where you aim to clear your inbox every day, by being more efficient in the way you read and process emails.

The BBC did a great article on it recently:

If you ever want a team of technology experts (that’s us) to look at your email setup, and overall productivity in your business… we’d be delighted to.

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Wait… Dave sold his old mobile on eBay?

Wait… Dave sold his old mobile on eBay?

Flexible working and the ability to access files on the go are among the most sought after perks of the modern workforce.

But if your employees are using their own mobiles and laptops for work, it’s important that you know they’re not putting your organisation at risk of cyber attacks.

Because what happens when they lose a device? Or upgrade to something new?

How can you be 100% sure that your business’s precious data won’t be accessed by someone else?

You can’t. When staff use their own phones or tablets, it has a name – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

And you need a policy about it. Because this will help your staff understand what’s expected of them. And give you greater control over your valuable data when they leave, or change their device.

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Wi-Fi 6 is coming

Wi-Fi 6 is coming

There’s a new Wi-Fi standard which is going to speed up your connection to the internet.

And make it easier for more devices to get a speedy connection at the same time.

It’s called Wi-Fi 6. We think you’ll want to upgrade at the end of the year or early next year.

So we created a new video to tell you all about it, and the benefits to your business.

Watch this new video below now:


The 2020 problem is stalking you

The 2020 problem is stalking you

Did you know there’s a major new computer problem on the horizon?

Tech experts are calling it the 2020 problem, and it’s predicted to affect half of all businesses in the UK.

In January Microsoft is ending the life of some of its most popular business software, including Windows 7.

And when it does, there will be no more support available. Not only does that put businesses at risk of downtime and cyber-attacks. It also means that those who fail to upgrade will no longer be compliant with GDPR.

Upgrading your IT system is a smart business decision that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’ll be more cost effective and create less downtime to do it now; compared to leaving it to the last minute.

You can find out more about the 2020 problem and how to deal with it in our brand new guide.

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