Be the business people REALLY want to work for

Be the business people REALLY want to work for

Is recruitment a pain for your business, too?

In our IT world, recruitment of competent staff with a great attitude is a real issue. It’s why we work so hard at keeping our existing team happy.

Research shows that the best staff look for more than job security and a decent pay packet.

They want to be engaged. And involved in the business. In fact, they look for:

  • Genuine involvement in business decisions
  • Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility activities
  • A culture of co-operation, not competition
  • Investment in technology

The first three are up to you. But if you want help with great technology that brings real value to your business and staff, we can help.

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Is your website still legal? (new guidance)

Is your website still legal? (new guidance)


Not the delicious ones with chocolate chips in.

But the online ones, that let websites track people who have visited before.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has released new guidance about cookies. And it’s important that your website complies.

In a nutshell:

  1. All website operators (that’s you) must provide clear and comprehensive information about their use of cookies and obtain valid consent
  2. Implied consent isn’t enough. You must enable visitors to your site to select a clear “yes” or “no” option
  3. These standards must specifically refer to consent under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)

Sure, it’s a pain. But a small piece of work to keep your website compliant.

To find out more, visit

Can we help with any other aspect of your GDPR? We’re specialists in the data protection side of it.

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Say goodbye to email clutter (finally)

Say goodbye to email clutter (finally)

Is your email inbox out of control?

Most business owners and managers have this problem. They spend far too much time dealing with basic email management, at the expense of doing the really important stuff (like growing the business).

Are you spending more time trying to keep up, than getting on with the really important stuff (like running your business)?

Microsoft Office 365 is packed with fantastic productivity boosting features specially designed to make your work life easier.

In fact, our latest video gives you a quick overview of Focused Inbox, which is all about managing your emails more efficiently.

Watch this video below now

The 9 cyber threats you need to know about now

The 9 cyber threats you need to know about now

I’m sure you’re already aware that cyber crime is the hottest topic for all businesses right now. And the biggest business crime in the UK.

But do you know about the latest cyber threats and how to prevent them?

My team and I have been busy compiling a new guide. It’s been written in human, not tech. We tell you about the latest threats in a way you can understand.

With thousands of new attacks taking place every day and a new breed of viruses threatening UK businesses, you can’t afford to miss it.

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