‘Tis The Season To Lose Your Mobile (tra la la)

‘Tis The Season To Lose Your Mobile (tra la la)

Christmas. It’s a classic time for accidental stupidity.

How many of us have had a few beers, jumped on the last train home, fallen asleep and rushed off in a panic at the right station… only to leave our laptop or mobile behind?

You might not have done. But loads of people have.

What would you do if you were one of the unfortunate few? Can you be confident your data would be safe?

Actually, it’s not just you to think about. If a member of your team accesses business data on their mobile, are you 100% sure:

  • It’s encrypted
  • Password protected
  • And the data can be wiped remotely?

It’s our job to think through stuff like this for you.

Would you like us to review your current data security setup and check? Just call us on 01732 617744 or drop us a line at [email protected]

Make sense of your scribbles

Make sense of your scribbles

Office 365 contains lots of features you might not know about yet.

One of our new favourites is Ink Replay. It lets you replay exactly what happened when you scribbled a note on a Word document or PowerPoint.

Great for remembering what you were thinking at the time. Or putting extra emphasis on slides during a presentation.

It’s simple to use. And we’ve done a brand new video to show you:


Windows 7 is your January headache

Windows 7 is your January headache

We loved Windows 7. But now it’s old hat. Its time has come. And on 14th January, Microsoft kills it for good.

(long tear slowly drips down from eye)

If you have a single Windows 7 machine in your business after this date, you’ll be at increased risk of hacking and GDPR data breaches.

So we put together a new guide. To help you understand the issues and why the time to take action is now.

Click here to download our new guide, instantly