Don’t hit ‘Later’ again

Don’t hit ‘Later’ again

We’re all guilty of doing it.

Whether you’re in the middle of an important piece of work, or just checking Facebook, when that notification appears to let you know there’s a software update available, it’s so tempting to just click ‘Later’.

And then forget to run the update when you’ve finished what you’re doing.

Especially if you’re working in the office one day and at home the next. It’s even easier to promise yourself you’ll install the updates when you’re in less of a hurry.

But it’s so important.

At the moment, we’re all more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of how things are.

And there’s more to be aware of. Doing your updates means your devices will be:

  • Protected from the latest threats
  • Running the latest versions of your software
  • Generally in better health

Can you really face dealing with a data breach on top of everything else right now?


Run the updates!

Or better still, get us to do them for you.

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It’s frustrating isn’t it?

You’re in the middle of a great video meeting, full of ideas, solutions and plans for the future, and then…


appears as your colleague’s image goes blank.


A poor internet connection has been a pain for many people while they’ve been working from home.

What do we really expect? There are more people video calling, working online, streaming music, films and TV in their homes. All at the same time.

Things were never going to be working at optimum levels.

But it doesn’t help your productivity.

So what do you do if your team’s home connection isn’t what it should be? Especially for those who will be working from home as a more permanent option.

First, check what services are available in their location, and what the coverage of available providers is like. Are they with the best provider already, or would a move be beneficial?

Could your business subsidise their move to a faster internet service?

Next, look at their routers. Is there a better one available for the kind of work your business does?  Consider whether a range extender would solve any issues too.

It’s not always straightforward, but giving your people the right tools for the job is vital, right?

If you need any help or advice on upload and download speeds, providers, or any of this internet connectivity stuff, you know where we are.

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