Is your accountancy business ready for the 2020 problem?

Don’t know what that is? Most accountancy firms don’t. We partner with lots and have already helped them avoid a big bullet.

You see, in January 2020, Microsoft is ending the life of lots of everyday software, including: Windows 7, Outlook 2010 and SBS 2011.

We’ve written a book about this, especially for accountancy firms. You can instantly see if your business will be affected. And yes we’ve written it in Human, not Techy.

Crosstek IT have been supporting all our systems for 13 years now.  We are aware that Microsoft will stop supporting some systems in 2020 and as our server was only replaced recently along with a cloud migration we have that covered already.

Martin Eynaud

Director, Melwoods Accountancy Services

We began our partnership with Crosstek IT in early 2017 and one of their first actions was to replace our old server with a more up to date version and replace a few very old workstations.  Due to some legacy software we are in the planning stages of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and will soon be ready to face the 2020 problem head on.

John Duncan

Director, Gilbert Allen

If you think you are already affected by the 2020 problem then why not book a 15 minute call with me?