This one thing makes a big difference

This one thing makes a big difference

Have you heard of multi-factor authentication?

It’s when you’re logging into something, and you generate a code on a separate device. So proving it’s really you.

Which makes it really, really hard for someone to log in to your systems – even if they’ve somehow got hold of your password.

So far as I can see, you’re not already using multi-factor authentication across all apps. And I highly recommend that you implement it now.

It’s really simple for us to set up for you. And can be 99% effective at blocking criminals from logging in to things they really shouldn’t be logging into.

What’s not to love?

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Office move next year?

Office move next year?

This year has been an eye opener, hasn’t it?

Purely from a business perspective, we’ve seen more changes in 8 months than most of us have in 5 to 10 years.

Fortunately, not all of the changes have been negative. The pandemic has allowed us to be more open minded with the way that we do business, and to allow a lot more flexibility for our people.

So it’s no surprise that these changes have meant that more office moves are now on the horizon for next year.

  • Whether it’s downsizing due to more people working remotely
  • Or moving to a larger space because the changes have allowed growth
  • Or even abandoning the office altogether…

Changing office space is a lot of work. And if not done properly, can mean a lot of downtime and frustration for your team.

Even if you’re not planning a move or change for many months, can you keep us in the loop please.

Because any kind of move is a great time to look at the technology that underpins the way you work every day.

The more we can understand what could happen within your business over the next 3 to 5 years. The better we can help you plan for maximum flexibility.

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Microsoft Teams deserves a second chance

Microsoft Teams deserves a second chance

If you’ve tried Teams before for video calling but found it wasn’t for you, it might be time to give it another chance.

You see, Microsoft has been busy rolling out some impressive updates.

They’ll make your video meetings more productive, smoother, and easier than ever before.

We’re impressed. So we’ve created a short video to show you these changes and how your business can benefit from them.

Watch our short video now


Are you under attack?

Are you under attack?

From hackers armed with ransomware, I mean. Hopefully you can answer ‘no’ to that question.

But do you really know you’re not under attack at this moment? Or are you guessing, because you haven’t seen any obvious signs of ransomware? Obvious enough to tell us about them.

(note – ransomware is the computer attack where a hacker locks you out of your systems and data. And you must pay a ransom, typically in Bitcoin, to get access again)

Well here’s a frightening fact: Hackers can spend weeks or even months in your network, preparing and waiting for the right time to launch their attack on your business.

Some of the security monitoring we do for you can spot an attack. But there are extra security tools we’d prefer you used – plus we need your team to keep an eye out too.

Because if you know some of the tell-tale signs, you can spot an attack is possible. And tell us, so we can take action to try to prevent it.

That’s why we’ve written a new guide for you. It’s called “4 signs you’re under attack from ransomware”. And it details the main things you need to look out for, to keep your network intruder-free.

OK, it’s slightly more technical than the guides we normally write. But it’s still perfectly understandable by anyone.

Get your copy right now

Sorry boss, I’m leaving

Sorry boss, I’m leaving

As a business owner, you get this from your team now and again. Sometimes it’s expected; sometimes it’s out of the blue. Frankly, it’s annoying.

One of the things you must consider when anyone leaves, is how to make sure your business’s data is fully protected.

Of course, you should take this case by case. But there will usually be some instances where you wouldn’t trust someone not to try and take some company data when they leave.

For this reason, it’s vital to have a plan of action which includes:

  • Removing their access to email
  • Disabling access to all their apps and software
  • Taking a backup of all data and archiving it
  • Only giving your people access to the files they need to use in the first place
  • Removing access to cloud-based apps on their personal devices
  • Disabling any company owned devices

We’re always here to help and give advice. Would you like us to review the plan for when someone leaves your business?

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