So it turns out that having your people working from home isn’t the disaster you’d imagined it to be.

You’re managing to keep your team motivated, productivity hasn’t dropped in the way you’d anticipated, and some people are really rather enjoying it.

And that’s not to mention the money you’ve saved by not popping out for an over-priced coffee or sandwich. Plus the time you’ve gained by not having to commute.

It’s actually, dare we say it… OK.

So once things ease up, is it likely that you’ll offer home working as a permanent or at least regular option for some of your people?

Increasingly, it’s looking like you’re going to have to.

So there are still some technical considerations for you. For example, if your team are working on their personal devices, you may want to swap them for company issued devices.

You need to:

  • Make long-term security decisions
  • Carefully choose a VPN (Virtual Private Network, to allow access to your network remotely), and
  • Look at a long-term solution for virtual meetings too

This is exactly the kind of planning that we excel at, as your strategic partner.

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PS BRB = Be Right Back. And WFH is Working From Home.