STOP! Before you open that email…

STOP! Before you open that email…

STOP! Before you open that email, are you sure it’s really from who you think it is?

There is a lot of information about your company already in the public domain. Anything from the company hierarchy to what accountant you use can be found online and this WILL be used against your employees at some point. “Smart” cyber criminals are leveraging this information to get you to trust an email asking for sensitive information.

Make sure you have a layered security system in place, train your staff and have procedures in place to protect this sensitive information.

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What do ogres and good cyber security practices have in common?

What do ogres and good cyber security practices have in common?

Well the answer is that they are layered like onions.  Here are 7 layers all businesses should have in place so that if one layer is compromised then the other layers will deal with incoming threats.


  1. Social engineering
    • have processes in place to verify e mailers or callers when they are asking for sensitive information
  2. Physical security
    • we concentrate on virtual systems all the time that we often overlook the physical aspect
    • make sure your server is locked away
    • don’t leave usb keys or passwords out on display
  3. Wireless security
    • another overlooked aspect as wifi signals often extend beyond our walls
    • make sure the router is not using a default password
    • don’t use antiquated protocols such as WEP or WPA
  4. Passwords
    • passwords should be complex and not used across accounts
    • using a password management tool like LastPass will help
  5. Two-factor authentication
    • a lot of systems support two-factor authentication which will help protect your account
    • check the settings on your critical accounts to see if you can setup two-factor authentication
  6. Email security
    • you should never click links or open attachments on emails
    • make sure to have spam and phishing filters in place
  7. Anti-virus
    • the last line of defence but also with its own vulnerabilities
    • consider using a product that supports application whitelisting and device control
Hook, line and sinker

Hook, line and sinker

Phishing scams are not always easy to spot. They are designed to come from sources you automatically trust and look genuine enough to fool a casual glance. Fraudsters are even able to appear to come from legitimate phone numbers to strengthen that trust and get you to reveal sensitive information. Make sure you have adequate security and training in place, we can help!
It can result in losing all your life savings like this man:
Size matters but so does speed

Size matters but so does speed

A digital copy of a song is around 5mb. This is a picture of 5mb hard drive being moved in 1956. These days hard drives are a lot smaller and a lot cheaper to move. We always recommend using fast SSD drives in the computers we sell. If you are in need of a technology refresh then get in touch.