Back to school… I mean, work

Back to school… I mean, work

If you’re starting to get that back to school feeling – even if you don’t have kids – it’s no surprise.

More of us are getting back to the office now after a long and very strange few months.

There’s a sense of excitement and worry, and a little bit of dread:

  • Are all the correct safety measures in place?
  • Will things still feel the same?
  • How am I going to go back to office dress when I’ve been used to loungewear all summer?!

But with these usual concerns, as a business owner you also have a whole new host of things to consider.

  • Is your workplace ready for your team to come back?
  • Is the office still the right workplace for some of your team?
  • Can anyone work on any device, anywhere?

There are more questions. It feels like an endless list. But as ever, we’re here to help.

My team and I have put together a guide to help you ensure you’ve covered all bases while keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind.

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Sometimes it really is all gobbledegook

Sometimes it really is all gobbledegook

Have you ever considered what might happen if you or one of your people lost a laptop? If that device still had access to all your company files and someone else accessed it.

That would certainly fall under the category of a data loss, which would be a big GDPR problem. And could potentially spell big trouble for your business.

But if those files were encrypted – essentially scrambled, only being decoded for the relevant viewer – that lost laptop would be just that; lost property, not lost data.

An inconvenience. And not a crisis.

There’s really no disadvantage in adding this extra element of protection.

And it could just save your business from a disastrous data breach…

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**Newsflash** Sandra has the latest gossip

**Newsflash** Sandra has the latest gossip

We’ve all done it.

  • A quick check of the news when you’re putting off a dreaded task
  • Distracting yourself with a quick bit of surfing before you make that horrible phone call
  • Or… “I’ll just have a quick look on Facebook…” ????

Sometimes it helps us to take a few minutes to ourselves. To gear up for a job we really don’t want to do.

And that’s not a bad thing. So long as it’s only a few minutes.

It becomes a problem when you spend more time faffing, then you do “doing stuff”.

Can’t imagine you personally have this problem.

But maybe some of your staff do. Especially if they’re still working remotely, with all the distractions of home.

Now, we’re not advocates of micromanagement at all. Watching someone like a hawk all day rarely works in your favour.

But sometimes it’s good to have a plan to check exactly how much (or little) work is getting done in a day.

And that’s where monitoring your team’s computers can come in handy.

Do you suspect that Sandra spends more time checking her Facebook feed than she does checking on your clients? Switch on her monitoring and see for yourself.

It gives you proof of your suspicions. And something to raise privately with her, to ask her to make some changes.

Think of it less as Big Brother. And more like a business productivity tool.

But there are a lot of HR implications to consider. You have to be open with your team about usage monitoring, explain why you’re doing it, and not be seen to be targeting certain people.

So if this is something you’d find useful, my team can help get it set up for you – and talk you through how best to use it. Call us on 01732 617744 or drop us a line at [email protected].

2015 called

2015 called

It wants its office phones back. If yours are 5 years old or more, it’s time to change them.


  • I’ll hazard a guess that your mobile phone was released in the last two or three years
  • And your tablet is probably the same kind of age
  • And it’s likely you’ve upgraded your laptop in the last three years too

So why haven’t you switched your office phones to a new, cost-effective, better quality, more flexible VoIP system?

We’ve created a new short video to explain the benefits for your business.

Watch our brand new video on office phones:


Your business is a prime target

Your business is a prime target

We don’t want to scare you, but do you know that your business is on the hit list for the fastest growing internet crime?

Ransomware is becoming increasingly more popular amongst cyber criminals. And is used to extort money from organisations by taking something they hold dear: their data.

All businesses are being targeted, all the time.

If you don’t protect your business from this type of attack, you could find yourself losing data, money, and ultimately customers.

But where do you start?

Don’t worry. We’ve put together a brand new comprehensive guide detailing ransomware and the steps you can take to keep your business as safe as possible.

It also contains the one piece of advice to ensure that you NEVER lose any precious data thanks to a ransomware attack.

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Don’t hit ‘Later’ again

Don’t hit ‘Later’ again

We’re all guilty of doing it.

Whether you’re in the middle of an important piece of work, or just checking Facebook, when that notification appears to let you know there’s a software update available, it’s so tempting to just click ‘Later’.

And then forget to run the update when you’ve finished what you’re doing.

Especially if you’re working in the office one day and at home the next. It’s even easier to promise yourself you’ll install the updates when you’re in less of a hurry.

But it’s so important.

At the moment, we’re all more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of how things are.

And there’s more to be aware of. Doing your updates means your devices will be:

  • Protected from the latest threats
  • Running the latest versions of your software
  • Generally in better health

Can you really face dealing with a data breach on top of everything else right now?


Run the updates!

Or better still, get us to do them for you.

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