Tuesday Tech Tips #6 : Is your business’s data is for sale?

There’s an online place where you can buy something illegal—guns, narcotics, and business data.

This is called the Dark Web. And that’s where hackers buy the stolen data from companies that they will use to try and hack it.

This week’s video tells you about the on-going way to see if your company data is being sold on the dark web.


Tuesday Tech Tips #2 : Cybercrime threats can come from your staff

To defend your business from cyber-crime, you can do a lot with technology.

But perhaps the biggest threat to the company is the staff.

Not for a deeper reason of some kind. But because it takes only one person to click on a suspicious link incorrectly, and you can let the hackers in.

Our new video highlights what you can do to make your team more aware of cyber-crime.


Tuesday Tech Tips #1 : Three ways to keep your PC healthy

All of us rely too much on our computers.

And some modern devices are currently hard to get hold of, due to the strong demand from Covid.

So it’s very important that you take care of your PC properly.

We’ve got three ways that you can keep your PC secure this week’s tech tip.