How to solve the problem of voicemail

We’ve all experienced that situation phoning a company as a customer and either being put on hold, or reaching voicemail. It’s a frustration for customers, and a very real concern for businesses – particularly those who are currently in a stage of growth without quite enough resource to answer all of the calls they’re receiving.

The frustration for your customers can be lessened if you think about their experience when they call you.

Reduce the number of missed calls in the first place

With a VoIP phone system, you can easily have it set up so that multiple phones ring at the same time. That way if the main person answering the phones is busy, someone else can pick it up if they need to. Even if they’re taking a name and number for the relevant person to give them a call back, it does a lot for keeping customers happy.

Sometimes voicemail is inevitable

With all the best will in the world, sometimes people will still need to leave you messages. With a VoIP phone system, you can set up voicemail to email. This means that when someone leaves a voicemail, you instantly get a notification to your email, as well as a recording of the message. This makes it much easier to go through your voicemails and deal with their contents methodically, making sure nothing gets missed.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your phone system to help reduce the number of missed calls and reduce customer frustrations, give us a call on  01732 617788 or drop us an email to [email protected]. We can chat about what you need, and how you might get the best out of it for your business. Got a jam-packed schedule? Book an appointment to chat with Jon Cross here. We’re all about excellent communication!

Everything you need to know about leased lines

Everything you need to know about leased lines

Everything you need to know about leased lines

You may have heard talk of leased lines before from IT providers, but been left non-the-wiser when it comes to knowing what they are, or what benefit they can be to your business. Never fear, at Crosstek we’re all about demystifying the world of IT for business owners to make the whole thing less daunting so without further ado, let’s talk leased lines!

What is a leased line?

In a nutshell, a leased line is a dedicated connection directly to the internet which is solely reserved for your business. In a world where poor connectivity is a huge barrier to business growth, it can be a great alternative to broadband.

How fast is a leased line?

How long is a piece of string? This is entirely based around your needs. It can be anything from 10mb, or as high as 1000mb (gigabit internet). It’s important to consider this from the offset as while some providers offer the ability to flex your bandwidth to meet developing need, not all do. With this in mind, if you predict significant growth in the near future it’s important to either take it into consideration when implementing your leased line, or choosing a provider who offers the flexibility you may need.

How much does it cost?

There are a few things which can affect how leased lines will cost to a business.

Firstly, speed. The higher the speed, the higher the cost. It’s important to be clear about what you’re looking to achieve so your provider can best advise you on the speed you need, that way you won’t find yourself screaming if you want to go faster! A small business of 10 people is going to require a lot less oomph than a 250-person business running across multiple sites, with complex cloud systems in place.

It also depends on your location. Implementing a leased line involves running a fibre optic connection from your business to the nearest exchange or carrier data centre. The further you are away from one of these locations, the more it will cost.

The setup of leased lines presents a large cost to providers, so if as a business you’re willing to offer a commitment and sign up for a longer contract, you will often find a reduction in your monthly payments.

What are the advantages of a leased line?


Leased lines are capable of running much faster than normal internet.

Call quality

It can accommodate phone calls with no loss of call quality. Perfect if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a VoIP phone system.

No need to share

It’s a dedicated connection for your business, and your business alone. By not needing to share, you’re eliminating the uncertainty of lower speeds at peak usage times.

It’s reliable

It offers great reliability and support.

What are the disadvantages of a leased line?

  • Cost – While prices for leased lines have fallen in recent times, it’s still a lot more expensive than regular broadband.
  • A longer wait for installation – It can take up to three months to get a leased line in place.
  • Being a more complex process, the installation itself also takes longer than that of regular broadband.

Is a leased line better than broadband?


It’s faster when it comes to download speeds, and perhaps more critically in a world where businesses are moving more to cloud-based working – sped up by the pandemic – it also means increased upload speeds. It also has greater reliability and better support for your own peace of mind.

If you’ve been struggling with connection speeds and you think a leased line might be the way forward for you, please get in touch with us. Either drop us an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 01732 617788 and we’ll be happy to go into a bit more depth as to how it could benefit your business specifically.