We’re all guilty of doing it.

Whether you’re in the middle of an important piece of work, or just checking Facebook, when that notification appears to let you know there’s a software update available, it’s so tempting to just click ‘Later’.

And then forget to run the update when you’ve finished what you’re doing.

Especially if you’re working in the office one day and at home the next. It’s even easier to promise yourself you’ll install the updates when you’re in less of a hurry.

But it’s so important.

At the moment, we’re all more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of how things are.

And there’s more to be aware of. Doing your updates means your devices will be:

  • Protected from the latest threats
  • Running the latest versions of your software
  • Generally in better health

Can you really face dealing with a data breach on top of everything else right now?


Run the updates!

Or better still, get us to do them for you.

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