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Back to school… I mean, work

If you’re starting to get that back to school feeling - even if you don’t have kids - it’s no surprise. More of us are getting back to the office now after a long and very strange few months. There’s a sense of excitement and worry, and a little bit of dread: Are all...

Your business is a prime target

We don’t want to scare you, but do you know that your business is on the hit list for the fastest growing internet crime? Ransomware is becoming increasingly more popular amongst cyber criminals. And is used to extort money from organisations by taking something they...

Smooth or rough?

What’s your team’s collaboration been like over the past few months? Has it been disrupted? Have you struggled to find ways to keep projects moving forward? Has there been a surge in miscommunication? You might be interested to learn more about how Microsoft Teams can...

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