In most businesses, the people really are the strongest part. Keeping them happy and motivated is a core part of your job, right?

Question: What would make your team happier?

Make it a priority in the next few weeks to sit down with your team (either as a group or 121) and ask them this exact question. Because wouldn’t it be better if you found out now:

  • Whether they need specific skills training
  • What’s frustrating them in their role
  • What could help them be more productive
  • And what they really think of the coffee in the kitchen?

If you know what would make a difference to your team – and particularly when you see trends of the same issue across a number of people – you can start to make improvements.

And isn’t that what we all really want this year?

As always, if any of their frustrations are related to their technology, tell them to get in touch. There are always options to make tech faster and easier for everyone.

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