Working from home has been a challenge for everyone, particularly those who had to make it work immediately without having any experience of doing so pre-pandemic. When working in an office space, it’s so easy to have a quick catch up and find out where someone is at on a project, but with everyone working from their homes, keeping up-to-date is much more of a challenge.


Virtual meetings are also no longer a novelty, and having multiple video catch-ups in a day can no only zap your energy, but they can seriously disrupt your work day. So what if we told you, that as part of Office 365, you can use SharePoint online?


What is SharePoint?

 SharePoint is a cloud-based platform which offers a way to connect your team with the creation, storage, and sharing of documents.


You can create team sites for projects, where members working on that particular project can view and collaborate on documents. You can also create an intranet for your whole business, where news can be shared with colleagues, and everyone can access forms, lists, and libraries of information they need to carry out their roles effectively.


It’s even available in mobile app form, so you can stay up-to-date even when you’re not sat in front of your big screen.


Is SharePoint secure?

As far as security goes, SharePoint makes it very easy to set access permissions. You can set them at individual, group, or security group level. This means you can have HR, Sales, Marketing, and Accounts all working and accessing the files that they need, while not being able to access those they don’t need to see.


Aside from the obvious benefits for privacy reasons, restricting access to certain files based on who needs to see them is also good practice for security, because it reduces the chance of someone external to your company accessing sensitive information.


With many businesses we’re speaking to looking to continue with working from home, even if that’s in a part-time capacity, we’d love to discuss how we think you can best utilise SharePoint for your business. Give us a call on 01732 617788 or drop us an email to [email protected]. Let’s reduce the need for quite so many video meetings!