Is your recruitment agency ready for the 2020 problem?

Don’t know what that is? Most recruitment agencies don’t. We partner with lots and have already helped them avoid a big bullet.

You see, in January 2020, Microsoft is ending the life of lots of everyday software, including: Windows 7, Outlook 2010 and SBS 2011.

We’ve written a book about this, especially for recruitment agencies. You can instantly see if your business will be affected. And yes we’ve written it in Human, not Techy.

Crosstek IT have been supplying us with excellent IT Support since 2002.    They have recently completed a project of the replacement of all our Windows 7 workstations at our Head Office in Sussex, to Windows 10, meaning that we are now well on our way to phasing out the older Microsoft software in readiness for 2020.

Genna Haines

Facilities Manager, Vector Resourcing Ltd

We have been using Crosstek IT for support 15 years.  We are aware that some Microsoft software is going end of life in 2020 and have replaced all our Windows 7 machines with Windows 10.  We have recently finished a cloud migration which means we no longer need to rely on our SBS 2011 server.  With the help of Crosstek IT we have already dealt with the 2020 problem a year early.

Tim Ellis

Director, Synapps

Since 2005 we have been very well looked after by Crosstek IT.  As part of being ready for some Microsoft software expiring our server has already been replaced with an up to date version.  We are now in the planning stages of replacing our older workstations and will have this completed by 2020.  With the help of Crosstek IT the 2020 problem will not have any impact on our business operations.

Andrew Bishop

Director, Alford and Bishop

If you think you are already affected by the 2020 problem then why not book a 15 minute call with me?