Making sure your IT works!

Your company relies on technology. The system needs to be up and running and that system is more layered than ever.

Business communication, productivity and collaboration are made possible by the incredible services, infrastructure and people behind the curtain.

We don’t have magic wands but the goal is to appear as though we just wave our wands and your problems disappear.

Working from home

Working from home or on the road does not mean less productivity.  You can have 100% of the functionality that you experience when you’re in the office.  Good habits + the right technology can add up to a highly productive team member.

Remote Access to Company Network
Microsoft 365 Cloud
Video Calling for Face to Face Team Communication
VoIP Phones + Mobile App = Same Office Number and Voice Mail

Cloud adoption

Cloud-First companies have better mobility, better collaboration and better security.

Data is easily accessible on all of your devices
Work on documents with others in real time
Team meetings from anywhere
Enforce STRONG Security Policies

Support + Help Desk

Our support team is smart, responsive and eager to help.  We will listen, troubleshoot and commit our efforts to work with you until your issues are resolved.  For emergency situations affecting an entire organization or facility, self-help runbooks are provided with detailed step-by-step instructions for fast resolution.
Submit a support request, we will not stop until you're satisfied
Custom videos and documentation provided for self help
We currently have a 100% customer satisfaction rating with active clients

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups are critical.  A disaster recovery plan is key.  Functionally, you need them.  Your company insurance plan requires them.  We manage all of it (including the annual insurance audit).

Encrypted Server/Desktop Backups to Cloud and Local Storage
Documented Plan for Recovery in the Event of a Disaster Scenario
Microsoft 365 and GSuite Encrypted Backups to a Different Cloud

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