Is that something your customers or prospects hear regularly from your team?  

If it is, then it’s likely that you’re missing out on sales and risking losing current customers, too.

As a customer, it’s frustrating to need to speak to someone and to be kept on hold or go to voicemail.

So, you should consider how your business deals with missed calls. And what you can do to ensure that it’s rare that a call goes unanswered.

The right phone system is a good place to start.

Many VoIP systems can now make calls come in on both the office phone and a mobile phone. So if you’re out of the office you can still take your calls as usual.

These systems also allow you to set up a voicemail to email notification, so that you are instantly alerted if you have a voicemail. 

And an audio recording of the message is sent to you too. This is another great solution for the times when you’re out of the office.

You could also consider setting up a call back request, for those times where you have several calls waiting, and you’d rather your customer didn’t have to stay on hold.  

Finally, it’s inevitable that you will miss calls from time to time. And if you’d rather not hire more staff just for this purpose, you could consider an external call handling service.  

They can receive your overflow calls, take a detailed message, and arrange a callback from a member of your team. 

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