I’ve got a plan…

I’ve got a plan…

And I bet you have too.

In fact, you’re probably full of new plans to make your business even better this year.

But how do you keep your plans all in one place? Making sure everyone involved can see the progress and what action they need to take to get it completed?

Microsoft Planner, of course!

It’s part of Teams. If you’re new to it, don’t worry. We’ve created a handy short how to video, to show you how it works.

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Office move next year?

Office move next year?

This year has been an eye opener, hasn’t it?

Purely from a business perspective, we’ve seen more changes in 8 months than most of us have in 5 to 10 years.

Fortunately, not all of the changes have been negative. The pandemic has allowed us to be more open minded with the way that we do business, and to allow a lot more flexibility for our people.

So it’s no surprise that these changes have meant that more office moves are now on the horizon for next year.

  • Whether it’s downsizing due to more people working remotely
  • Or moving to a larger space because the changes have allowed growth
  • Or even abandoning the office altogether…

Changing office space is a lot of work. And if not done properly, can mean a lot of downtime and frustration for your team.

Even if you’re not planning a move or change for many months, can you keep us in the loop please.

Because any kind of move is a great time to look at the technology that underpins the way you work every day.

The more we can understand what could happen within your business over the next 3 to 5 years. The better we can help you plan for maximum flexibility.

I’d love to talk to you about this. Call us on 01732 617744 or drop us a line at [email protected].

Back to school… I mean, work

Back to school… I mean, work

If you’re starting to get that back to school feeling – even if you don’t have kids – it’s no surprise.

More of us are getting back to the office now after a long and very strange few months.

There’s a sense of excitement and worry, and a little bit of dread:

  • Are all the correct safety measures in place?
  • Will things still feel the same?
  • How am I going to go back to office dress when I’ve been used to loungewear all summer?!

But with these usual concerns, as a business owner you also have a whole new host of things to consider.

  • Is your workplace ready for your team to come back?
  • Is the office still the right workplace for some of your team?
  • Can anyone work on any device, anywhere?

There are more questions. It feels like an endless list. But as ever, we’re here to help.

My team and I have put together a guide to help you ensure you’ve covered all bases while keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind.

Get your copy right now

Plan for the return to your workplace

Plan for the return to your workplace

We have no idea when the lockdown will end, of course. Or how any kind of phased return will work.

But we do know it WILL happen. So it makes sense to be as prepared for it as you can be (those businesses that were fully prepared for working from home had a much less stressful experience when the lockdown started).

There are three areas to consider:

  1. People: If it’s a phased end to lockdown, you might have some people at work and some still working from home. You need a plan for every scenario
  2. Hardware and software: What’s been difficult during lockdown? What’s caused frustration? What needs to be upgraded or changed?
  3. Data: Now’s the time to check your data security hasn’t been compromised in any way, by all the recent unplanned changes to your setup.

If you need help pulling your “end of lockdown” plan together, or making it happen quickly and efficiently, we can help.

Start by getting our brand new guide on preparing to return to your workplace.

Instantly download this new guide

You can also view our video:


And if you do want us to help you pull your plan together and implement it, call us on 01732 617744 or drop us a line at [email protected].

The assembly point is the car park

The assembly point is the car park

You might not be there right now. But you have a fire escape plan in your workplace.

Of course you do, it’s a legal requirement.

You’ll have one or two people who act as marshalls. When that fire alarm sounds, it’s their job to make sure everyone’s out of the building in a calm and orderly fashion.

This is sort of how your emergency IT plan should work too.

Hopefully, if you have a security breach it won’t be so bad that everyone needs to evacuate. But someone should be responsible for making sure that an appropriate recovery plan is put into action in an efficient and timely manner.

Crucially, everyone in your business needs to know who to report a potential data breach to (would that be you, or someone else?).

The first step should be to not press any more buttons. And contact us to get on the case immediately.

This is as critical as ever, because your team aren’t physically together, so can’t just chat about it.

Call us on 01732 617744 or drop us a line at [email protected] if you would like to discuss this.