How to store your passwords securely (stop writing them down!)

How to store your passwords securely (stop writing them down!)

With a large portion of the UK workforce still working from home, security best practices have undoubtedly been relaxed and with that in mind, it’s even more important to have good password hygiene in order to protect your business from threats.

 So, what kind of password storer are you?

  • Write all passwords in the same place
  • Have the same password for everything
  • Create weak passwords all in lowercase
  • Disguising your passwords as phone numbers
  • Write them on little scraps of paper you always seem to lose

If any of the above apply to you, you’re potentially compromising the security of your business in a massive way.

It’s understandable though. According to recent research from Nordpass, the average person has around 100 passwords they need to remember. But with the best practice when it comes to password creation being to randomly generate a string of letters, numbers and symbols for each application or piece of software you use both personally and at work, how on earth Is anyone meant to remember them all?

There is a secure solution to help you keep your password security tip top without you having to hammer the ‘forgot password’ button.

Watch our password manager video to discover how they work, and how using one will benefit you.