When is the right time to install updates?

When is the right time to install updates?

There aren’t many things more annoying than sitting down in front of your computer ready to start the workday but being met instead with a ping and a little box asking if you want to install updates.

We completely understand the reasoning behind sighing and clicking on ‘Not now’ or ‘remind me later’, but updates can be crucial. They’re there not only there to make sure you’re using the most current versions of software to improve your workday, they also often contain important security fixes to keep your machine, and therefore your business network, safe from the latest threats and malware.

By postponing them for one day, one week, six weeks, or even longer, you’re potentially setting yourself up for having to deal with some serious problems down the line caused by out-of-date software, or security flaws that could be fixed with a simple update.

And it’s not just you. How many users do you have across your business? If multiple employees are all having the same idea and clicking ‘remind me later’ on a regular basis, that’s creating multiple points of weakness across your network.

[H2] Never worry about updates again

We know these frustrations, and we can also fix them for you really quickly. We can schedule your updates to happen at a time when the user isn’t using their machine, even outside of work hours, so they’ll never be met with that annoying little box.

You’ll never have to worry about people’s work time being stolen by having to do updates, and your business will be protected against newer threats. Just drop us a line, and we can get them scheduled for you, easy peasy.

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