Why you should stop hitting ‘remind me later’

Why you should stop hitting ‘remind me later’

We’ve all done it before.

When the message appears, letting you you know that there’s a software upgrade available, it’s always when you’re in the middle of something important, making it far too tempting to just press ‘remind me later’.

It’s so easy to promise yourself that you’ll run the updates when you’re not in a rush, but, be honest, how often do you remember to run the update after you’ve finished your work? It’s especially easy to forget when you’re working between the office and your home.

We can’t overstate this, updates are critical.

With working from home being prevalent across the UK (and the rest of the world!) we’re all much more vulnerable to cyber-attacks at the moment, with criminals taking every opportunity to leverage the pandemic for their own means.

Why is this relevant? Even though they might be invisible to you, updates often contain security fixes for newly discovered vulnerabilities. By not installing updates, you’re leaving yourself and your network vulnerable to attack.

By keeping up with alerts, you’ll be ensuring that your devices are:

• Safeguarded against the most current threats
• Using the most recent versions of the apps
• Being in better overall tech health

Could you really afford to deal with a data breach right now, on top of everything else that’s going on?

No way.

So stop ignoring the updates! Skip the ‘remind me later’ button, set your updates to run, and go and make yourself a well-earned cuppa. Or, even better, get them out of your hair and give them to Crosstek IT to do for you.

Would you like us to handle your updates to minimise disruption to your workday? Give us a call on 01732 617788 or drop us an email to [email protected] Got a jam-packed schedule? Book an appointment with Jon Cross here. We’re always happy to help.