Take this one crucial step before you sign off for 2020

Take this one crucial step before you sign off for 2020

There’s a lot to think about before we close our businesses for Christmas.

  • Is someone on standby for emergencies?
  • Is the voicemail switched on?
  • Wait… did we reply to that important email?

But I have one more thing to add to your list. It’s one of my favourite things to talk about… updates!

The holidays are a great time to make sure all updates have been applied, and give your device a bit of attention before it has its annual break.

We need to schedule this to fit with our holiday support hours, and make sure we’re not interrupting your team.

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2015 called

2015 called

It wants its office phones back. If yours are 5 years old or more, it’s time to change them.


  • I’ll hazard a guess that your mobile phone was released in the last two or three years
  • And your tablet is probably the same kind of age
  • And it’s likely you’ve upgraded your laptop in the last three years too

So why haven’t you switched your office phones to a new, cost-effective, better quality, more flexible VoIP system?

We’ve created a new short video to explain the benefits for your business.

Watch our brand new video on office phones:


Do it for the trees

Do it for the trees

Has your business been planning to go paperless for a while?

I bet during lockdown you did a pretty good job of switching to digital though, didn’t you?

So ahead of a proper return, now is the perfect time to put your paperless office plan into action. You’ve already got some great habits in place.

But what do you need to consider for when things start to get back to normal?

Well first, you need a reliable cloud-based file storage system. You need to consider who needs access to what information, and what will be compatible with the applications you already use within the business.

Then you should probably consider how you get all those paper folders online.

And you obviously need really good security measures to keep everything protected. And constantly backed up, just in case.

Remember, this is exactly the kind of planning that we excel at, as your strategic partner.

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*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

Isn’t it frustrating when that message appears? Do you want to install updates?

Typically, you’ve just sat down, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead… when an update message pops up.

So what do you do? If you’re like most people you’ll ask it to remind you later. Nothing is going to stop you from tackling the 101 jobs you had planned for today.

But then tomorrow? Later.

The next day? Later.

Day after that? Later.

Yet delaying that update is risking you a bigger setback later on. Because not only do updates and maintenance ensure you’re working on the most current versions of software. They also keep your machine protected from the latest malware and threats.

If you hear any of your staff moaning about this, we can fix it really quickly. We can set updates to happen when they’re not working.

To keep the business safe, and productivity high at the same time. They just need to tell us they’re having that problem.

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Stuck in a network traffic jam?

Stuck in a network traffic jam?

Road traffic can be a nightmare at this time of year, what with icy roads and dark nights.

But did you know that network traffic is a really important part of keeping your IT system secure and running smoothly?

What is network traffic? It’s the data flowing between your business’s devices (and back and forth from the internet).

Just like the road networks use traffic lights, signs and roundabouts to keep cars flowing well, we have a big toolkit to monitor network traffic and keep everything moving.

Network traffic isn’t a problem until it is. It’s the kind of thing you don’t notice when it’s working well.

So if your team are complaining about the internet speed or slow computers, we really should do a review. And see what your options are to speed things up for them.

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