How to make your next project disruption-free

How to make your next project disruption-free

When you’re working on multiple projects it can be disruptive to everyone involved.

Everyone needs to become a bit more flexible. Remote workers might need to come to the office, or office workers will need to go out to site meetings.

And people working ‘unusual’ hours might have to change their schedule to fit in with everyone else.

It’s never easy.

Office 365 has got a great solution for exactly this situation: Microsoft Teams.

If you’re not already familiar with this application, think of it as a highly structured WhatsApp for work – and so, so much more.

It’s an online space where you can create projects and pick your contributors.  Arrange online meetings, calls and even share and edit documents.

There’s also a mobile app to keep you connected when you’re not at your desk.

We love it. So this month we’ve created a video to show you how it works.

Watch this new video right now:

Make sense of your scribbles

Make sense of your scribbles

Office 365 contains lots of features you might not know about yet.

One of our new favourites is Ink Replay. It lets you replay exactly what happened when you scribbled a note on a Word document or PowerPoint.

Great for remembering what you were thinking at the time. Or putting extra emphasis on slides during a presentation.

It’s simple to use. And we’ve done a brand new video to show you:


Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero

For some people, the idea of ZERO emails waiting for them… is bliss.

In fact, there’s a whole movement called Inbox Zero. Where you aim to clear your inbox every day, by being more efficient in the way you read and process emails.

The BBC did a great article on it recently:

If you ever want a team of technology experts (that’s us) to look at your email setup, and overall productivity in your business… we’d be delighted to.

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