Don’t let an Arsenal fan ruin everything

Cybercrime is a massive threat to every business on the planet, but there are simple things you can put in place to make your business less attractive to cybercriminals, perhaps the simplest being good practice when it comes to passwords.

Something that makes it only too easy for hackers to gain access to systems and sensitive data that they shouldn’t, is poor password practice. What do we mean by that?

You might have all the data security policies under the sun that have been read and signed by your team, but all it takes is one of your employees to ignore it and set their password as ‘ArsenalRGReat123!’ for everything, get their emails hacked by a cyber criminal who finds them on LinkedIn, looks for them on Facebook, sees them outside the Emirates stadium in an Arsenal shirt and then guesses their password, for you to lose serious money.


Don’t leave the security of your business up to an Arsenal fan. (Arsenal fans, please feel free to replace with a different team of choice!) if you’d like us to talk you through, implement, and provide training for the use of a password manager,  give us a call on  01732 617788 or drop us an email to [email protected]. We can chat about what you need, and how you might get the best out of it for your business. Got a jam-packed schedule? Book an appointment with Jon Cross here. Password managers are a really great tool, and we think everyone should be using one!

Make project work a joy with Microsoft Teams

Make project work a joy with Microsoft Teams

When you’re working on several tasks at once, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel a bit like you’re wading through quicksand. As well as being detrimental to you, it can have a knock-on effect with other colleagues as well.

If the last year or so has taught us anything, it’s that everyone benefits from a bit more flexibility.

Going forward, remote workers may need to do some work from the office, or office workers may need to work from home, or attend meetings offsite. And those who work hours outside of the norm, may need to adapt to the schedules of their colleagues sometimes.

 It might sound like a bit of a nightmare facilitating all of that across your business, but it really doesn’t have to be.

 Microsoft 365 has a great solution when you feel like you and your people are being pulled in lots of different directions: Microsoft Teams. You have probably already heard of Teams, but if you haven’t, it’s a portal for communication – video calling and quick messaging, but before you switch off, it’s also so much more than that.

 It’s a cloud-based application where you can create projects and add the appropriate team members to them. Within these projects, you can arrange meetings online (without needing to open your Outlook calendar) make calls, and even share documents for collective editing.

If you are away from your desk, there’s also a mobile app so you can keep up to speed. It’s a great way of keeping everyone up-to-date and documents in the right place – whatever else you’ve got going on. We love it!

If you’d like to know more about Microsoft Teams, give us a call on 01732 617788 or drop us an email to [email protected]. We can chat about what you need, and how you might get the best out of it for your business. Got a jam-packed schedule? Book an appointment with Jon Cross here. We’re always happy to help.

Episode 2 : Why you must replace your Windows 7 machines now

Episode 2 : Why you must replace your Windows 7 machines now

If you have a Windows 7 machine, you MUST replace it by the end of this year.

Why? Because it’ll be a major target for hackers in January next year (2020).

This is a serious threat to many businesses in Kent. It will leave their entire computer network open to hackers.

We’ve created a new short video to tell you why it’s such a problem, and why you mustn’t wait till long to replace your old tech.

What should we do?

You have enough time to plan and budget for this.  We can help you migrate away from older systems with a great many benefits to your business.  And here is the good news, as you have enough time you can spread the cost to avoid the pain of a disaster or reactive change.

Book a no obligation call with me to discuss how we can help you prevent a potential disaster.