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Protecting businesses with effective IT security

IT Security is like a cake – better with more layers.

Competitive pricing

Building your security cake

While there are some security elements that are universal across all businesses, different industries have different compliance rules they need to follow so everyone’s cake looks a little different. Some of the IT services we offer include: 

  • Anti-spam email filters
  • Email encryption
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Web filtering (also known as Managed DNS)
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Wireless and network best practices
  • Team training
  • Microsoft Security Suite
  • Physical security options

Minimise risk from human error

To build strong IT security protections around a business, you need multiple technologies and strategies for the best protection. However, no amount of technology can stop a person from clicking on a dodgy link, and handing over important information. 

With cybercrime becoming more and more sophisticated, IT security training – in our opinion – is a big factor in protecting your business from hacking attempts. 

We offer training based on a survey taken by your team, to inform which training videos they’ll benefit from, and a test once every three months using a fake scam email, to inform where any training weaknesses might be.

Save yourself thousands with this widely-ignored tip

We feel so strongly about this, that we talk about it in our sleep. Multi-factor authentication, or MFA. When signing in to important software or services, you’re required to pop in an extra bit of info to prove that it’s you. Usually this is a code sent to your mobile phone. 

We’ve dealt with multiple cases of cybercrime where utilising MFA could have stopped the hacking attempts in its tracks rather than costing thousands in stolen money and downtime. And did we mention that it’s free for those using Microsoft 365?

We can help you roll out company-wide MFA, to help protect you against easy-to-guess passwords, and suspicious login attempts.

We recommend this service for...

Although security is important for everyone, some services like email encryption, or a tighter physical security like coded door entry linked to phone systems might help certain industries with compliance.

Online retail/E-Commerce

Construction & Property

Manufacture & Logistics

Professional Services


retail warehouse stock
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Online retail/E-Commerce

Being reliably online 24/7 is critical to ensure you never miss out on a sales opportunity. When it comes to IT support for online retail clients, we make sure that…

  • We’re forward-thinking
  • Communication just works
  • Security is a priority
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Property construction site
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Construction & Property

Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and every second counts as much as every penny does. That’s why our support for construction companies…

  • Gives bang for your buck
  • Prioritises responsiveness
  • Is accessible anywhere
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Manufacture fabrication
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Manufacture & Logistics

Snag-free operations are key to both logistics, and manufacturing, which is why we want to make sure your IT runs smoothly and includes…

  • Global communication
  • Tight cyber security
  • Out of hours support
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