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Backup and Disaster Recovery

No-one wants to think about bad things happening which is maybe why backups are often non-existent at worst, and poorly maintained at best. The majority of work we do implementing solid backup solutions or creating disaster recovery plans is after the horse has already bolted and a business has suffered serious downtime and data loss – but it’s so easily preventable!


Cloud backup solutions

With a cloud backup solution, you can have your entire server copied and sent securely to the cloud every three hours.

  • Your backup is safely held off site, should anything happen to your premises
  • In the worst case scenario, only three hours of data would be lost
  • It removes the possibility of human error involved in changing physical drives
  • Your system can be restored remotely, and much quicker, reducing downtime

If you have a vast amount of data, there may be extra steps needed to ensure you have enough bandwidth for this, or it might be that a different solution is better for you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – talk to us about options – don’t neglect your backups! 

Workstations and IT hardware

Laptops, PCs, tablets, keyboards, mice – things we all use for work on a daily basis without really thinking about it, but it’s important to us that we’re recommending the best IT equipment possible. While we’ll work with any machine, when we’re recommending and providing IT hardware, we mainly work with HP. 

Why is this? 

Well, not only is the equipment itself robust and trustworthy in our experience, over the years we’ve also built up a really good rapport with their support, which means in the event of an issue that needs us to contact them, it’s much likely to get fixed quicker than if we need to liaise with other providers.


Microsoft 365 and Email

Paragraph Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a selection of online services including email, cloud storage, and communication tools with the more traditional Microsoft apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 

As it’s such a comprehensive system, we only work with organisations who use Microsoft 365, or would like us to move them to it. 

You can learn more here.

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  • Security is a priority
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