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Providing expert IT Support

We have over 20 years experience delivering remote and on-site IT support with honesty, integrity, and a smile!

Competitive pricing

We do the tech stuff, so you don’t have to

Technology touches nearly every aspect of our lives, which makes it all the more frustrating when it goes wrong.

IT might not be your thing, but it’s ours. We like solving the niggly problems and making sure the backups are all running. There’s also nothing more exciting to us than doing a fresh setup for a new starter. 

Geeky? Yes. Taking the stress out of your work day? Also yes.

  • We only close tickets once they’re fixed
  • You can monitor your support ticket status
  • Unobtrusive scheduling of Windows updates
  • 24/7 monitoring of servers and workstations

You can approve us to speak to vendors on your behalf, so you don’t have to liaise between the ‘IT people’ and the ‘Internet people’, and we make good use of monitoring tools, so often we fix problems before you even know they’re there. Magic!

We can fix 99% of all problems remotely

We love coming out to see our customers, but we love making sure your problems are solved quickly and with minimal disruption even more. Working remotely whenever we can allows us to do this, really well.

It’s not just about efficiency though. Minimising unnecessary on-site visits also allows us to keep our pricing competitive which means you can make your IT budget go further – what’s not to love?

Where an on-site visit is unavoidable, the safety of you, your team, and our engineers is our top priority.

  • We take a COVID test before each visit
  • The job will be done as quickly as possible

We recommend this service for...

retail warehouse stock
Blue Tick

Online retail/E-Commerce

Being reliably online 24/7 is critical to ensure you never miss out on a sales opportunity. When it comes to IT support for online retail clients, we make sure that…

  • We’re forward-thinking
  • Communication just works
  • Security is a priority
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Property construction site
Blue Tick

Construction & Property

Time is of the essence in the construction industry, and every second counts as much as every penny does. That’s why our support for construction companies…

  • Gives bang for your buck
  • Prioritises responsiveness
  • Is accessible anywhere
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Manufacture fabrication
Blue Tick

Manufacture & Logistics

Snag-free operations are key to both logistics, and manufacturing, which is why we want to make sure your IT runs smoothly and includes…

  • Global communication
  • Tight cyber security
  • Out of hours support
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