How Crosstek is handling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic

Hi There!

Jon here.  I wanted to personally give you a quick update on the status of Crosstek and our team during this global epidemic.

We realise this is a difficult time for many people around the world and downtime and IT issues are the very last thing you want to deal with right now.

That’s why our team remains fully dedicated to continuing to provide first class support to our customers.

We’re actively taking the following precautions to make sure this remains the case.

  • all onsite visits are cancelled until further notice unless business critical
  • our team are all working from home remotely
  • the team have been instructed on best methods to follow government guidelines and remain safe

Our leadership team remains vigilant and reviews updates on a daily basis to ensure that our policies remain in line with best practices to keep our team and their families safe and healthy. ​

I am confident that taking these steps will ensure that our team will be able to continue to do what is most important: to serve our customers as best as possible during this difficult time.

Thank you for your time. Stay safe.

Laptops for Home Schooling

We are looking for old laptops to refurbish for home schooling

I started a personal project in lockdown 1.0 to refurbish old laptops for friends and family to use for home schooling.  While the response was great we are again in need of unwanted laptops to refurbish for lockdown 3.0 home schooling.  I have heard from some teachers that half their classes don’t turn up as they don’t have any laptops to use! If you have an unwanted windows laptop that powers on and has the charger then please click HERE to submit your information and we will get in touch.

I will in most cases remove the existing hard drive to be sent away for data sanitisation and destruction.  The sanitisation and destruction of data is in accordance with NCSC guidelines –  Following this, a new SSD drive is installed giving old hardware a much needed boost making it more usable for home schooling.


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