Finding the right IT supplier for your business is monumentally important and it can be quite difficult to differentiate between us when at first we all seem to offer the same thing. That’s why we thought we would write this post, could we be just what you’re looking for?

Client relationships are important to us

We’re not about signing people up on the dotted line, and completely changing once they’ve joined us. We’ve actually been going for over 25 years (despite Jon in no way looking old enough) and a significant proportion of our clients from the early years are still with us today. That’s a working relationship of over two decades. What you see is what you’ll get with us, we’re always honest but kind, and we’ll work with you, rather than steamrollering you into IT solutions you’re not sure about.


Not everyone wants to know how their IT system works, they just want it to work and we totally respect that – we’re here to take away the IT noise so you can get on with doing what you’re best at! However, there are certain times when something important comes along, that we feel our customers should be aware of. Usually, this involves IT security in some way, and we do our very best to educate without scaremongering. We say this a lot, but one of the worst parts of our job is being asked to help after a hack has taken place. We would rather educate everyone enough that they never need us to fix things after being a victim of cybercrime.

We’re friendly

That might seem like a very small thing, but nothing is too much trouble. We want you to feel like we’re a part of your team that’s just a phone call away. We’re also very anti-jargon. Jargon is for geeks (like us), and we do our best to explain things in a way that’s not wrapped up in techie language, but that isn’t condescending either. Basically, we’ll tailor our support to your level of knowledge, and as far as we’re concerned there’s no such thing as a silly question.

Sense of humour

We take our job very seriously, but we love to laugh while we do it. Have a read of some of our content to get a feel for what we’re like, we support all kinds of industries – even Jedis!

Competitive pricing

We also feel really strongly about every small-medium sized business having access to great IT support, and that’s why we keep our pricing competitive and fair. We also tailor our support to suit your needs, so you won’t get stuck in a contract with lots of confusing features you don’t get to benefit from.

We think about industry needs

Every business is unique, and that will always be true but within each industry, there are often key pieces of legislation or features that give that industry very specific IT needs. Over the years we’ve worked with many businesses across many different sectors, giving us experience in knowing what to recommend for you.

We offer a no-obligation chat

The best way to get to know someone is by talking to them, so if you want to get to know us a bit better, book a 15-minute call with Jon. He’ll be more than happy to have a chat about what you’re looking for, and explain more about how we could potentially help you.