For most people, opening Microsoft Word means clicking on the icon, and then waiting for the welcome page to load before double-clicking on “new blank document”. It might only be wasting a few seconds, but added up over a week, month, or even a year those few wasted seconds become more and more valuable in the work day. However, there is a way to ditch the welcome screen!


  1. Open Microsoft Word, and from the welcome screen go to ‘Options’.
  2. Select “Ease of Access” on the left-hand pane.
  3. On the right-hand side, find the option that says “Show the start screen when this application starts” take the tick out of the box that’s next to this option and close the box.
  4. Now when you go back into Word, it will take you straight to the start of a new document – no messing around.


To follow along with some visual instructions, you can watch our video below.



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